In order of appearance

Eva Lankshire – Head of The Baldur Watch, part mercenary taskforce part adventurer’s guild, Eva is the epitome of a trustworthy and level-headed leader. She often provides employment to the heroes in the form of jobs they can perform, in addition to offering to safe keep their money for them and putting them up for the night in a nearby inn.

Baldric Lagaine – Quartermaster of Candlekeep. A rather difficult fellow, he keeps an inventory of all items in Candlekeep and is the point of contact when it comes to their yearly tax collection. Stubborn, but not so much he can’t be reasoned with if the terms are fair and the logic is sound.

Lord Ducont – A lord of Neverwinter, Lord Ducont is an amicable noble who is always trying to increase his capital – whether it be social or physical. He flaunts his wealth not in dress but in ability, often times being granted special privileges wherever he stays. He’s always keen to make friends with those he thinks can keep him entertained.

Gobber – A higher-ranking member of The Sliver, the Thieves’ Guild of Baldur’s Gate. When he isn’t hocking a loogie or selling information, he spends his time at The Blushing Mermaid, keeping his ear close to the ground.

Picker – A blooming adolescent in The Sliver, he’s a personal protege of sorts to Shadow. Named for the way his finger is good at picking locks, not his nose. He spent the early part of The Greening missing. When the heroes looked into his disappearance, it turns out he was selected by a noble in the middle of the parade. It was a few weeks before he came back, but his memory of his time spent with the noble is too hazy to recall.

Rodric – An unassuming middle-aged human, and a guard in the employ of Baldur’s Gate. He stands about 5’8", black hair, a prominent nose, and blue, bulbous eyes that glimmer with kindness. His shifts are often filled with the tedium of assuring the peasantry all is well, but he’s more knowledgeable than he looks when it comes to the nobility of Baldur’s Gate.

Adweird – The chief librarian of Baldur’s Gate, Adweird is a wizened, gentle man with a breadth of knowledge as grandiose as the library he stewards. A valuable resource to the heroes, he often answers their questions regarding the histories and details on the particular subject, but when lacking the necessary information, he knows just where to find the right book to help the heroes. For a small fee and the right amount of time, he has one of the younger researchers help out to consolidate information that might help the heroes. The most memorable of these researchers is a female halfling by the name of Celeste.

Bricktick – An old man shrouded in mystery, he met the heroes on the road in the Fields of the Dead late at night and asked for some hospitality, arousing suspicion. After being turned away, he conjured a glowing laurel around his head before disappearing into the night. He appeared before the party the very next night, offering to heal Brian of his affliction as long as the heroes promised Brian’s freedom. His green healing magic worked, and once again Bricktick took his leave of the party, but not before bestowing upon them his scarf, which was later to be found magically enchanted, so long as the wearer was charitable. Later on, the heroes learned that Bricktick is actually a Fairy Lord, and a brother to Ildor.

Brian – A human with a shaved head, carpenter by trade, and around 35 years of age, the party encountered Brian in the woods in the Fields of the Dead. He, along with two of his fellow cultists, a gnome by the name of Zircus and a woman named Minnie, were captured and interrogated by the heroes in regards to a cult that the heroes have been investigating. The other two succumbed a enchantment spell that killed them when compelled to talk, so Brian was kept alive until his enchantment could be broken by the mages of Baldur’s Gate. After being healed by Bricktick, Brian couldn’t tell very many details due to memory loss, but three important figures were named: The Lady (de facto leader of the cult), and her “Gifted”, Masters Grimlear and Tavish. He and the two cultists departed from an underground compound that housed the Gifted and around 30 or so other cultists. The heroes promptly brought him back to Baldur’s Gate and found him some work using his trade skills. Currently he is saving up so he can afford the protected caravan trip back to his family in Neverwinter, Muriel and Brendan, son of Theron.

Tsylvanis – The talk of Baldur’s Gate, Tsylvanis was an Elven wizard and tutor in the employ of House Jomor. He is currently wanted by the noble house for the kidnapping of Niklas Jomor, the heir to the name. He was last seen on a cruise ship in Baldur’s Bay that has yet to return. The price on his head is 10,000 gold. With the help of Eltil, the party was able to scry the location of Tsylvanis. Somewhere off the coast of Waterdeep, lies a city at the bottom of the sea. In a bubble of air, Tsylvanis sits. His last rentals from the library of Baldur’s Gate is The History of Amn and a more curious selection. The other book, A Time For Everything, was borrowed but never returned. The book describes a young man who expresses forlorn for the numerous chances he’s missed out on life, until he meets a wizard who helps him travel through time and offer a second chance at all the missed opportunities. How this has any bearing on the current situation for Tsylvanis and Niklas, the party is unsure, and there are even internal debates as to whether Tsylvanis is a savior or a villain at this point in time.

Heirodoctese – A professional author (such works include A Time For Everything) who pens a novel every generation of men, this mysterious writer is a legend amongst the fiction-enthusiastic community. After a brief visit to the volcano known as Dragon’s Banquet, situated in the Sword Mountains, the heroes met the prolific (and awfully handsome “human”) novelist after trying to steal some of his treasure in a cave of the volcano. They were caught, but mercifully released and even hosted in his home in the cave. He is suspected to be over 1000 years old, . He shares his cave home with a woman named Felicia Orleans, who the party knows to be the wife of the last of the Alden family, Ravish, who traded his soul to a dark spirit for his wife’s guaranteed immortality. This deal ended up turning Felicia into a vampire. Heirodoctese is mentioned in passing in the journal of the knight Zenkel, who described meeting a “weird family” in his exploration of the mountain range and all its caves. The only other known entity in this cave was a fiendish looking male with red skin, black hair, demonic wings, and a smirk on his face as he was unwittingly released by one of the heroes in the pursuit of a magical weapon. After meeting The Iron Oak, the heroes learned that this being is a cambion, a malicious offspring between a Devil (Heirodoctese) and a humanoid mortal. The demon’s name is Dain.

Dalin – A resilient and capable Dwarven vampire-hunter, Dalin, daughter of Dolon, was rescued by the heroes from some ogres who cooked her sister, Ferla. She and the other members of the Iron Oak, her adventuring party, are dedicated to rooting out the evils of the world. She wields two hand-crossbows for combat and is quick to defend the honor and integrity of dwarvenkind everywhere.

Baldric Fieran – A disciple and devoted warrior to Torm, the god of sacrifice and duty, Baldric hails from a northern family. The chainmail-clad human met Dalin in Neverwinter, and despite the height difference the two saw eye-to-eye when it came to extinguishing the world from all manners of fiends and demons alike. Together, they comprise the combat portion of The Iron Oak, who are temporarily based in a hideout just due south of Leilon. He is a fervent believer in justice and doing that which is right and true, and has urged the heroes on to more noble causes than money when it comes to adventuring. He is the one who rescued Ricker from the bugbear chieftain when the party wiped out the enclave in the hilly caves north of Westbridge.

Nelly – A merchant by trade, Nelly serves as the quartermaster of The Iron Oak. She is a straight shooter and knows her way around a deal, and is probably the most amicable of the Iron Oak. She is a human and wears simple clothing.

Warrick – This wizened old gnome serves as the historian of The Iron Oak. He, along with Baldric and Dalin, had been gathering intelligence on Heirodoctese and his son Dain for the past several years, and was troubled to hear about the cambion’s release. Unable to be of use in combat as the paladin and dwarf, he stayed behind with Nelly when the heroes managed to convince them to help end the magical hold of The Gifted over the cultists in the underground compound in the Fields of The Dead.

Ildor – The Fairy Lord of the forest just outside the Sword Mountain, Ildor is a haughty and joyous fellow, a much more entertaining counterpart to his brother, Bricktick. The heroes met Ildor while making camp for the night, and after another round of suspicion, joined him for jokes, song, dancing, and many cups of wine. This lord loves to have at a game of wits, often engaging in misdirection and double-talk when it suits the situation, but his intentions are never malicious. He vanished just as mysteriously as he appeared to the party, but not before leaving behind a bottle of Millendillel Vineyard, 71.

Glinall – A long time friend of Kade, Glinall is a fellow mage. The two gnomes spent many years together in school, and recently got a chance to catch up when Glinall showed up to the camp one night by mere coincidence, covered in injuries. After receiving some healing from Baldric, Glinall revealed he was in trouble with the mayor of Triboar after trying to make a business of selling love potions. His alchemy must have worked too well, as the incident with the mayor’s wife forced his escape from Triboar on a stolen horse. In exchange for a potion of healing, Glinall left his friend the horse and gnome-sized saddle it came with. The two agreed to meet up at a later time when the dust had settled. With the help of Shagan, the horse was named Eucalyptus. The party later learned that the bounty on Glinall is 400 gold for his capture, and half that for his death.

Eltil Bezahlen- An elven wizard that resides in a small cottage of the floating ruins of Conyberry. He is currently studying the floating motes of earth, believing that the devastating magics used in the war with the Red Wizards of Thay over two centuries ago has had some profound effect, allowing for a wisp of the power from the Elemental Plane of Air to bleed into the land. When the party met him, he hosted them graciously and revealed he was a long time friend of Tsylvanis. The two of them grew up and studied magic in Mithrildanweel. In exchange for the location of his friend, Eltil requested the party retrieve the boulder of a cloud giant, since its inherent magical properties could be used as a comparison model for the floating earth of Conyberry.



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