Court of the Damned

The Beginning
A Start in Baldur's Gate

Welcome to the fair city of Baldur’s Gate,


Founded in ancient times by the hero Balduran, the adventuring hero’s legacy lives on in the streets of Baldur’s Gate.

Baldur’s gate has grown fat with years of peaceful trade with Neverwinter and Waterdeep to the north despite incursions of Amnish bandits from the south.

For miles around, Baldur’s gate has become a bastion of good fortune and easy living for those with the skills to earn it (or the guile to take it).

It is in this city that you find yourself. Perhaps it is dreams of glory or maybe it is simply that the widest road led here but for whatever reason you find yourself in Baldur’s Gate looking for work.

Promptly, you find it.

A woman employed by the regency named Eva Langshire has enlisted each of you in a mission. The Monks of Candlekeep are due to pay their annual taxes for maintaining and patrolling the road up to their monestary and there are no other tasks that might take someone to Candlekeep and back.

“Your task,” she says, “is to travel to Candlekeep with our caravan and extract the tax-in-kind owed to Baldur’s Gate. You and then to escort the caravan safely back here. Payment will be two potions of healing now and 180 gold pieces when you return.” She then looks at all of you, “Sound good?”

What do you do?


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