The Party:

Duath “Shadow” Gwaerefuin
Sigismund Dorn
Imaris El-Addreal


  • Extracted taxes from the unwilling-to-pay Candlekeep
  • Defeated a Green Hag in the Wood of Sharp Teeth
  • Recovered the Chalice of Skulls from Bodenwood
  • Defeated the vampire spawn Grimlear
  • Released Hirodoctes’s son, erupting Dragon’s Banquet Volcano
  • Joined forces with The Iron Oak
  • Completed Remnant’s request for the signet ring of the “King”
  • Traded Eltil a Cloud Giant Boulder for Tsylvanis’s location
  • Wiped the enclave of bugbears in Westbridge, rescuing Ricker

Court of the Damned

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